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Region 2 - An Evening Satsang with Professor Nanjundaiah

South Oxhey, Watford. Thursday 4th September

A pleasant Thursday evening in September at Oxhey Wood Primary School, Watford played host to an uplifting and inspirational talk given by Professor Nanjundaiah. Devotees from various Centres in the Region assembled enthusiastically to hear Professor Nanjundaiah talk of his first hand experiences with Swami and the understanding he derived from those invaluable lessons that he was most fortunate to receive directly and indirectly from the Lord.

Professor shared his reflections on one such instance, that involved the legendary Professor Kasturi. He and Professor Kasturi were once asked to accompany Swami to his room after a lecture given to the congregation by Professor Kasturi. As they sat by Swami’s feet, Swami began by asking Professor Nanjundaiah what he thought of the talk given by Professor Kasturi. Before he could answer, and unbeknown to Prof Kasturi, Swami indicated to Prof Nanjundaiah, by shaking His Head, to say something in the negative, that it was not perfect in some way! Now Professor Nanjundaiah was a very close friend of Professor Kasturi and both had a deep mutual respect for one another. So, one could understand the discomfiture of the Professor. Nevertheless, Professor Nanjundaiah decided to follow Swami’s direction regardless of the consequences. Swami then asked Professor Kasturi how he thought his talk went, to which a vigilant Professor Kasturi gently replied that in some areas it could have been improved... !!

This to and fro between Swami and both His devotees went on, all the while producing more confusion in both. Professor then went on to explain that, upon reflection, he had understood that Swami was teaching important lessons to both of them in this particular drama. On the one hand, He was driving home the lesson on how one should remain unaffected by praise or blame, nor seek to do actions for praise or fame; that all actions surrendered to God in Thought, Word and Deed will not give rise to feelings of ‘doer’ship and a false sense of pride.

The other important lesson was to have implicit faith in Swami’s words or instruction, and obey them irrespective of any perceived challenges or uncomfortable consequences. Professor Nanjundaiah related, in this context, the well known story of Arjuna, the ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. Once the Lord and His devotee were walking along, when Lord Krishna pointed to a bird on a nearby tree and remarjed that it was Kite. Arjuna agreed it was a Kite, but the Lord changed his mind a few times and said that it looked more like a Crow once, an Eagle a second time, and like a Cuckoo a little later. Arjuna agreed with the Lord on every occasion without hesitation. Krishna feigned annoyance and admonished Arjuna for not utilising his renowned faculties of knowledge and rational thinking. To this, the great devotee Arjuna replied, “You, Oh Krishna, are the Lord of the Universe, of All Creation. If you so Will, then whatever you say it will be! If you say it is a Kite, then Kite it will be; if you Will it to be a Crow, then Crow it will be! Who am I to say, by just the mere use of my eyes and limited knowledge, when you have already declared it as such” ! Unwavering, implicit faith in the Lords words goes beyond the mere senses and individual or even collective intellect. It crosses all boundaries of understanding at the mental level and physical levels.

As Professor reflected further, he shared more such precious gems, which so easily flowed showing that these moments were firmly etched in his heart. He began to relate another experience about how Swami corrected a pundit for his benefit and for those who sat around him. As Professor began this particular story, the flower from Swami’s picture which was placed in the beautiful Altar fell with an audible thud. As if to confirm, what was about to be said was being confirmed by the Lord Himself.

It so happened that during one darshan, while the pundit was present, a conversation had begun amongst the group. Professor Nanjundaiah , being in close proximity was privy to the discussions. The pundit was explaining how human beings and all life draw energy from the elements for their growth and sustenance, and how life is dependent on this. Although this is partly correct, Swami in His unfathomable way, as He came by the group during darshan, stopped in front of them and declared, “Yes, but the elements get their energy from Me!”. He said this looking at the pundit to see if he understood; he did, as he nodded in agreement.

Our deepest gratitude to Professor Nanjundaiah for coming to address the congregation at Region 2 as well as the other parts of the UK. Many devotees have benefited from hearing these first hand experiences. Hearing these experiences from different perspectives shed more light in unravelling and revealing the Message of Swami. They can become our own sign posts on our Spiritual journey towards the goal.

Jai Sai Ram,

K Senthil
Regional Chairperson,
Region 2, SSSSO UK.