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Region 5 - Sathsang with Professor Nanjundaiah

Warrington, Monday 1st September

With the Divine Blessings of our Lord, Region 5 had the opportunity to host Professor M Nanjundaiah. The Sathsang was organised at Warrington on the 1st September between 7PM and 9.30 PM. The Sathya Sai group of Warrington was very swift in finding the venue and organising this divine event.

The evening started off with a couple of bhajans. Prof Nanjundaiah was then given a warm and loving welcome by the assembled devotees. The following are some of the excerpts from his talk:

Bhajan is the language of the heart. Swami has left the body and we will be able to see him only when we sing with complete surrender and faith. When we sing we should appreciate and feel every word of the bhajan. Bhajans will have an impact on heart even though we donít understand the language. Always participate in bhajans and enjoy them thoroughly. When you call God, let the call come from the core of your heart.

We wonít be able to see him as long as the cataract of ego affects us. God is an experience not a mere word. One who realises God will be in ecstasy. Every human being has access to God irrespective of their status, religion or nationality. We are unable to say that we have seen God in spite of Swami declaring that He is God in 1968, because we lack faith and belief in what He declared so many years ago! Our approach to Him should not be casual. We need to develop the sincerity and intensity in our yearning. Part time devotion will not help us in any way. Swami once said that His heart is like butter and even a little warmth of the intense yearning will melt him. Swami has infinite patience and He will bear with us but we should have a single-minded approach towards Him.

Whatever Swami says is a mantra and it is the truth. It is the starting point of everything else. A devotee once questioned Swami whether He is the cosmic Christ who sent Jesus. Swami with a smile answered in affirmation saying that He is the cosmic Christ who sent Jesus. Swami always preached that every one of us is God but we havenít realised that. He recited a Telugu poem which translates to ďGod himself has come down to transform man into God and transform earth into heavenĒ.

Swami is the wish fulfilling tree ( Kalpavriksha), the celestial cow (Kamadhenu) and the gold mountain (Meru parvatha) and it is His nature is to give, give and give. He is fond of His devotees and He wonít rest until He protects His devotees. He never discriminates between devotees and those who criticise him just like a doctor who treats the patients based on their illness but not their status. Never try to analyse Swami. Our duty is to experience and enjoy him without a doubt. What Swami does is based on His own Divine Will but not according to our wish.

Professorís interactions with Swami:

Prof : You are an ocean of compassion Swami.

Swami : Hey, No! Ocean has limits but My compassion has no limits!

PN : Whatever good happens in the world it is because of Your sankalpa. Whatever bad happens is because of cosmic law. Isnít it Swami?

Swami: You are wrong. I donít wish either good or bad for anyone. I have my own government. I run my own cabinet with various ministers like rain god, fire god etc. I personally look after only three departments and they are 1. Department of love 2. Department of selfless service and 3. Department of spiritual sadhana. I protect devotees who indulge in these activities. Rest of the issues, I just divert it to respective people and they deal with it. I donít interfere!

Question and Answer session with Prof.Nanjundaiah:

During the question and answer session, Professor Nanjundaiah shared several intimate experiences which speak volumes about Swami`s omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience.

Q: Do people living with Swami feel at times that He is a human?

A: Swami behaves very much like a human being but the atmosphere is not artificial.There are certain fundamental truths like Swami will never tell a lie. Swami is God. Swami is perfect. If we are confused and donít believe in these our Ďfuseí will burst.

Q: How do we improve Vedic chanting, the intonation and pronunciation etc ?

A: As an Avathar, He gives us time to improve. What He wants is the sincere effort. Let us make a beginning and never give up. Awareness that we make mistakes and the need to improve is more important.

Q: How do we fight the bad qualities like anger and ego etc.?

A: Even the greatest of the sadhakas have problems and deficiencies. Our real nature is divine. All the bad qualities are like visitors. They are not a true part of us. Praying to Swami and overcoming these problems is the only way.

The evening concluded with Arathi offered by Professor Nanjundaiah to our beloved Bhagawan. He later had personal interaction with the gathered devotees who were delighted to speak to him. Prasadam (light refreshments) was served and we all went home with lot of spiritual thoughts to recollect and contemplate. It was truly a sathsang and every word uttered was indeed a mantra and a message to all of us. We offer our gratitude to Swami for this wonderful divine experience.

Dr Vijayanand Nadella
Spiritual Co-ordinator
Region 5 SSSSO UK