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Region 4 - In Joy: Essence of his Message

Birmingham, Wednesday 3rd September

We were blessed to enjoy Sathsang with Prof.Nanjundaiah in the spiritually charged environment of Shri Venkateshwara Balaji Temple with their generous hospitality.

Dr Kiran Patel, gave a brief introduction for Prof.Nanjundaiah, followed by Prof delivering what he humbly described as a small sample of his time & learning with Swami. Iím deliberately not going into the details of his talk as this would be available soon; instead, I have chosen to highlight some of the key reminders that in my humble opinion I need to keep at the forefront, as I interact in everyday life.

1. Swami delivered his sweet message through Prof as his instrument. It was instantly evident why Swami must have chosen the Prof as an instrument, and therein is a message for all those assembled, I felt. Despite his high learning and stature, the Prof was simple, approachable, joyful, giving, and seemed almost egoless, with his thoughts, words and actions always focussed on Swami.

2. Love as an energy is the only currency that we use for all our interactions with ourselves, with our family members, with our fellow devotees, with everyone that we are blessed to meet in our lives and whole of creation.

3. To put greater emphasis on faith in God, who exists within oneself and in others, rather than allowing the monkey mind to create chaos through constant doubt & worry. It is impossible to know God without faith, to know yourself without faith and to know others without faith.

4. To always remember the temporal nature of our physical body and the eternal nature of our spirit. Devote more time to develop awareness of the Spirit.

5. Acknowledging that the only purpose for human life is to merge with Divine, by means of continuous service that is rendered with an attitude of dedication and devotion. This awareness that each one of us is only doing this so as to reach the goal of human life sooner rather than later, is of great importance. Because in reality, Swami does not require any of us to fulfil His Mission!

My heartfelt gratitude for all the respected elders, brothers and sisters for making it possible for Prof. Nanjundaiah to visit Birmingham. Personally, I feel deeply grateful to Swami for allowing me to experience the Bliss of his sweet message.

Yashwant Patel
Chairperson, Sathya Sai Baba Centre of Birmingham
Region 4, SSSSO UK