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Region 4 - Transported to Prashanti with Professor Nanjundaiah

Leicester, Wednesday 27th August

On the blessed day of Wednesday 27th August 2014, Sathya Sai devotees in Leicester were fortunate to enjoy the company of dear Professor Nanjundaiah. His wise words and his vast experience with Swami that he lovingly shared were enjoyed by one and all. The evening started off with bhajans and an introduction by Dr. Kiran Patel, our National Chairperson.

Professor Nanjundaiah, the former controller of examination of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher learning and Swami’s translator for more than a decade, shared the stories which portrayed the playful, loving and motherly side of Swami’s divine personality, which was heart warming for us all. We truly felt Swami\\'s presence during the talk.

There was much emphasis placed by the esteemed Professor on love and faith. Swami has great love for his students, he said, always looking out for their well being. “He gives the love of a thousand mothers on the students and helps them in every way possible. Instead of scolding the students when they have done wrong, Swami offered guidance and a loving way forward so that the student never feared coming to Swami with their problems”, he revealed. What a joy it was for us to hear these stories of Swami\'s caring and understanding nature! We felt closer to Swami in an instant!

There were also many examples given of Swami\'s omnipresence. Do not be fooled, he said, that Swami is not here in the physical form. He is everywhere and there have been miracles occurring still all over the world to show that Swami has never left us. He is above us, around us, next to us always. We just have to be vigilant and aware of Swami’s incomparable majesty and glory. We need to open our eyes and see that Swami is everywhere.

A few moments that stuck in my mind were when Professor Nanjundaiah spoke the following words:

“Swami says, I am in your heart, not in your head. Have you confirmed Swami is in your heart? Why do you complain that I am only in Parthi?”

“Sai is mother. Swami ignores our weaknesses and makes us in to Bangaru (Gold).”

Professor Nanjundaiah alluded to a very sweet story about sadhana and how it should be performed. Intensity is the key to sadhana. Namasmaran should come from the heart and then Swami will certainly come running! The holy lady, Pedda Bottu Amma, was very tired one day and was laying to rest, when she suddenly said “Sai Ram!”. There was so much intensity and love in those words that Swami came running to her side and said, “ Why are you disturbing me?” Pedda Bottu was baffled! Such is the power of Sai Ram!

Professor Nanjundaiah also spoke about how we struggle in life to commit to something, whether it is seva or namasmaran. We say we shall TRY to do the task at hand. Swami says, “Trying, trying, you will become dry! Just do it. It can be done if you really want to do it.”

There were messages for us all in the talk but the certain take home message above all was to develop faith. Pray for faith and intensity and everything will certainly fall into place. Swami will do! We thank Professor Nanjundaiah and our Dear Swami for blessing us with his presence and guiding us by sending his nearest and dearest to ensure we always live up to the ideals that Swami has shown us so lovingly.

Nirali Sisodia
Youth Co-ordinator, Leicester
Region 4 SSSSO UK