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Region 3 - Satsang with Prof. Nanjundaiah

Mill Hill, London; Saturday 6th September

On Saturday 6th September, we gathered at Copthall Primary School in North London to await the arrival of Professor Nunjundiah sir, former Controller of Examinations, Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. The programme began with a musical offering of bhajans which set a beautiful atmosphere and creating a positive ambience in the hall. A warm introduction by the National Chair, Dr Kiran Patel set the perfect scene as he shared a few thoughts about the revered guest speaker and how well he had been received by devotees throughout his UK trip. Professor Nanjundaiah sir then took to the stage to address the fortunate crowd.

Professor firstly showed his appreciation of the bhajans and talked about the efficacy and power of bhajan singing as a powerful medium for transformation, particularly when bhava, raga and thala are observed correctly and full attention is given to the meaning and pronunciation. He mentioned how the listener can be transported to a completely different level whereby a feeling of detachment from the body and worldly pursuits can be experienced. He also mentioned that lead singers should remind themselves not to develop a sense of pride from singing well, as this causes a detrimental effect on them. Equally, the speaker referred to Namasmarana as another powerful medium for transformation.

“Namasmarana is the most effective sadhana. Remember with each name - the glory behind the name. Escape from the clutches of anger, jealousy, hatred, malice and greed. Do not seek to discover others defects. Do not gloat over them; when others point out your defects, be thankful and keep quiet. “ BABA

The guest speaker then mentioned about the power of Divine Darshan as a cleansing and purifying energy with miraculous benefits. He highlighted that our Beloved Swami is the perfect role model, embodying simplicity and compassion in all His words and actions, and shared a few of his own experiences with Bhagawan which illustrated this eloquently. Professor Nanjundaiah sir then went on to talk about our Beloved Swami’s mission to make us realise our true identity (Divinity) and understand that we are not this body. He explained with such conviction how, above all else, each one of us had to BE GOOD, DO GOOD, SEE GOOD and be ever vigilant with our thoughts, using discrimination to keep well away from bad thoughts and think only good and positive thoughts.

“Examine every day what you do and with what motive; then you can yourself pronounce judgement on your own progress. Select only pure thoughts, pure motives and pure deeds. Always remember that you are the Atma”. BABA

Much to the delight of the audience, Professor Nanjundaiah sir continued with many wonderful stories of how he had the great opportunity of observing our Beloved Swami over many years at close quarters and learning much from this blessed experience. He reminded everyone that Swami’s Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence is being experienced by many across the world, stronger than ever before, and so he urged everyone to take encouragement from this.

The complete attention of the audience was held for over an hour by the Professor, with his brilliant exposition of Swami’s Key Messages and aspects of His divine magnetic personality. As the Professor brought his talk to a close with rousing round of applause from the audience, a vote of thanks was offered on behalf of the devotees from Region 3, SSSSO UK. These words could hardly do justice to express the gratitude that was felt by everyone present. Heartfelt thanks were also offered to the National Team for their co-operation and support, and to all those who worked behind the scenes to make the event such a success. Finally, Professor Nanjundaiah sir offered Aarti to our Beloved Swami for the divine love and grace showered upon everyone that evening. Devotees partook prasadam and made their way home, feeling much elevated having attended such a beautiful satsang.

Sutopa Sen
Region 3 Ladies Co-ordinator