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Region 1 - "Life Is a Game, Play It"

Each and every day we go through our daily routine without looking around us, without apprehending the beauty and the stories that are embedded in our surroundings. We take for granted the world that we live in and the world that our Lord has moulded around us. All we see now is usually the negativity in the newspaper, and listen to music with our music with our heads down, without any notion of communicating with our fellow brothers and sisters around us.

This is why for August’s YAP, Region1 decided to open our eyes, and create a spiritual hunt around a popular area in central London. We chose an area from green park station stretching out towards oxford street station, and as far as Hyde Park. Within this area, we found various iconic places, also sites that had spiritual connotations. Some of these locations included:

• The building where Rudyard Kipling wrote the Jungle Book.
• Buildings that used to be Church back in the 1800s.
• The building where the Beatles performed their last live concert on the rooftop.
• A shop that sold religious porcelain sculptures.

These along with various other clues were riddled out for the youth to find. We all met at Green Park station on Saturday 16th August 2014, at 12:30. We split up into three groups, and set out to find the various clues that most of us had no idea existed. The hunt ended with the final clue being in the very building that was essentially the beginning of the Hard Rock Empire that was sold to fund the majority cost of the Super Speciality Hospital. After this we all gathered together in Green Park, to discuss how we found the day, and also to share our experiences on how we usually go about our daily lives without opening our eyes and looking at the beauty around us. Sometimes it comes in the natural surroundings that are directly provided to us from Mother Nature, but sometimes it comes through an instrument of God who has presented that item within our lives. Also by working together and talking to each other, we are able to see and realise much more around us, as each and every one of us has a different perspective about everything we encounter in our lives. Swami has told us countless times to see God in everything; He has told us numerous times that we are both the same. Therefore it is up to us to wake up from the delusion and maya surrounding us and realise that if we try to think of God in everything we do and see God everywhere we go, we too, can maybe take that step closer in a materialistic, western world, to understand the simple teaching of “You and I are one”. In order to settle our monkey mind, we can just make this process a game, just like He always told us “Life is a Game, Play It!”

Written on behalf of Region 1 Youth