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Region 2 - SSE Sports & Graduation Family Day

This year, the SSE and the Youth Wing came together to plan and deliver Region 2 Sports Day on 6th July 2014. It was extra special this year, not only were we using a new venue but we were celebrating our 5th Anniversary of this special family event. Swami began testing us for two weeks, prior to the event day with continuous rain and thunder.

He kept this up to the morning of the event. The planning team debated in the morning whether to use the indoor facilities or continue to set up outside and leave it to Swami to wave away the dark clouds and the showers. Once we had decided to leave the outcome to Swami, in no time the clouds started to move away and the day started to shine brightly with Children and Adults praying and meditating hard on Swami.

As usually, the planning team had put a lot of thought behind the event. We ‘Started the Day’ from 10am, ‘Filled the Day’ with fun activities games that were suitable for all of Swami’s children attending as young as 6 months to 80+ years old. Before the start of the first game, we were transported to Prashanti in the Hillview stadium; as we all lined up in our teams and walked and saluted Swami to take his blessings.

This year we had around 175 participates and they were all divided into 3 groups of 2 teams. Each team were encouraged to cheer on their team as loud as possible and earning bonus points for their endeavours. After each game, each team were asked a question related to the SSE Syllabus to earn more bonus points.

It must be said, the children have been paying attention in their SSE classes as majority of the questions were answered very promptly. Some even has to chant a verse or two of the vedams or sing a devotional song of their choice with the help of their team. It was amazing how talented our SSE is and the future looks bright for us all.

Then we were served the deliciously home cooked food prepared by parents and teachers of the Region 2 centres. But before that we still have energy to take ‘Selfies’...

After Lunch, Swami was carried into the main hall accompanied by the children singing bhajans for the SSE Graduation ceremony. This was the second year of awarding Children, Parent Helpers and Teachers for the dedication, commitment and hard work in making SSE such a success in our region.

It was just amazing to see the big smiles on the faces of the children as they received their medal from our special guest Bhirtiben (R2 VC) and Bharatbhai (SSEC, Pinner). We look forward to making next year event even more special. We wish to Thank Swami for always guiding us and giving us the opportunity to serve him.

Article written by SSE & Youth Planning Team.