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Region 2 - My Janmashtami Greenford Sai Centre

On the 17th of August, it was Krishna Janmashtmi (birthday of Lord Krishna)! It was a really auspicious occasion. I was really happy. So, we went to morning Bhajans.

Everyone was happy on this joyful occasion. The deities were adorned gracefully and colourfully. It looked beautiful! People were merrily humming tunes and Bhajans. I helped a bit with the marvellous preparations.

Then Bhajans started. A few announcements were made. The last announcement was for my two friends and me to do the puja. I was over the moon! I ran to the altar and I was taught what to do.

The lights were switched off and the puja started. I picked flowers and placed them at Bhagwan’s feet. It was so exciting. The puja took a lot of time but it was worth it. I was so lucky.

Then 4 bhajans were sung. I gleefully sang along. Then it was time to rock Krishna’s cot. We were called to the front. The arati started. I started to rock the cot. This was the best Janmashtmi so far!

Bhagawan means the world to me. He has helped me achieve some very important tests. He has guided me through the path of righteousness which has led me to victory. He is the best mum, dad, brother, sister and friend a person could ever have. He is the best.

Jai Sai Ram
Article written by Saioviyan Raveendran
Greenford. Region 2.