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Region 2 - Ganesha Chaturthi at Wembley Sai Centre

On Thursday 28th August 2014, Wembley Sai Centre celebrated Ganesha Chaturthi.

I sat down with my Sai brothers on the gents’ side. The programme started off with Prayers and Bhajans. We all sang Ganesha Bhajans. My Sai Brothers and I lead bhajans and played the tabla in turn.

Following the Bhajans, my Sai brother and I read Puranic stories based on Ganesha. My Sai brothers read stories based on the significance of Parvathi Thayanaya, the significance of offering Modak, The relationship of parents and children and I read a chapter on the significance of offering Green Grass to Ganesha.

Here is a short form of the story I read:

Shiva and Parvathi always liked to play a game of dice, Nandi (the Bull) was the referee and he always declared Shiva as the winner because Shiva was winning all the time and Parvathi was furious with this. Parvathi thought Nandi was biased and she punished Nandi. She gave Nandi indigestion. Nandi told Parvathi that Shiva is a good player and that is why he wins. Parvathi then said if you give green grass to Ganesha on Chadurdasi, I will relieve you from pain. Nandi gave green grass [his favourite] and was relieved from indigestion. This is why we offer green grass to Ganesha.

After reading out the stories, my Sai brothers and I ate prasadam (which included Ganesha’s favourite Modaka and some cake from a Sai Grandma’s birthday that day) together and played.
Then it was time to go home, we wished each other Sai ram and went home.
We had so much fun on Ganesha Chaturthi.

Jai Sai Ram
Article written by
Shankar Nimalathevan. Age 7.