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Region 5 - Movie YAP

"Ceiling on Desires" - Utilise savings generated for service to mankind.

In the 38th Chapter of Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume III, Baba asks, “Just consider – do you come out of the cinema theatre more peaceful, more heroic, purer, nobler than when you went in?” In our most recent YAP we watched a movie that did not meet all of these criteria, but it did leave me feeling inspired to think and act more nobly.

‘The Ultimate Gift’ was a film with a refreshing and realistic take on the often misunderstood relationship between wealth and happiness. The world around us is saturated with materialism and capitalism, from which we deduce that wealth equates to happiness. More money, bigger house, better clothes, latest gadgets…you get the idea. But is this really the case? Can money buy us happiness and inner peace? This was main theme of the film, and also our YAP.

It can be difficult to know how much is enough; do I really need everything that I claim that I need? The protagonist of the film, the spoilt, pampered grandson of an oil-tycoon, Jason is similarly challenged. He thinks that money is ‘a way to live life, worry free’, after all, it does get him everything that he ‘needs’. His misapprehensions are corrected through a series of challenges set in his grandfather’s will. Slowly but surely our hero learns that there are more important things in life, such as the gifts of hard work (or discipline), true friends, learning, family and forgiveness. All of a sudden he finds that money doesn’t matter so much, and is able to give it away for the greater good of society and live happily ever after.

Now, we cannot all have billionaire grandfathers who grow wise in their old age and want to help us see the light after their passing away through a written will. But why should we worry? For we have the Lord himself helping us and guiding us. Swami Himself stresses that the point of ceiling on desires is to reduce our own expenditure of resources, and give it to those who are in need. He especially stresses that we should not “give to others while allowing your own desires to continue to multiply.” It is important to note that ceiling on desires is most definitely not only charity; those who receive the surplus of our food, time or energy will benefit briefly, but as we learn how to curtail our desires, we will reap the greatest reward ourselves.

"Who is the poorest man?
He who has much desires is the poorest man in the world.
Who is the richest man?
He who has much satisfaction is the richest man in the world".
– Sri Sathya Sai Baba

As for the youth, our discussions on this just scratched the surface, but we certainly have a lot of food for thought. And with Swami’s Grace we’re slowly but surely, working towards our own happy ending...

Srujana Govindaraju,
Region 5 Youth