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Region 1 - Professor Nanjundaiahs Talk

Tooting, London; Sunday 7th September

Following the tremendously uplifting and enlightening weekend at the National Retreat in Wales, Region 1 devotees were further spoilt by the announcement that Professor Nanjundaiah would come and give a talk on his experiences with Swami at the Tooting Sai Centre on Sunday 7th September.

For those of us that had already heard the Professor speak, there was a degree of impatience to hear him again, such was his charisma and oratory skills.

Various Centre members came forward to render their help on the day. It was joyous to see the different specialities of the various I.T. skill set that we have within our Youth Wing and how everything seemed to effortlessly come into fruition.

Professor Nandunjaiah then spent over an hour and fifteen minutes giving us a vivid account of his interactions with Swami. The energy and vibrations radiating from him, coupled with the fact that most of his speeches are made standing up even at his ripe age is testament to his utter selfless devotion to Swami. There was no set topic as such but as the eloquent Professor began to recount his experiences, the topics of Selfless Love, Surrender to Swami, Ceiling on Desires, doing Swami\'s work, cutting of the ego, Searching for the God within, humility through education, Non-attachment to fruits of one\'s actions and constant Namasmaran in daily life were some of the themes that he touched upon.

It has been said that the hallmark of a great orator is their ability to speak on any topic of Swami with the minimal of preparation. We all felt that the Professor embodies that principle although in his humility and surrender, he will always say that it is Swami who spoke through him. He has over 40 years of experience in Swami's fold and close proximity and those experiences are priceless. The beauty of all that Swami taught him could easily apply to the likes of you and me, such were the universal and simple messages.

May Swami shower us with more people like the good Professor to spread his glories, leelas and teachings.

Jitesh Patel
Region 1