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Region 1 - Merton Sai Centre Easwaramma Day Celebrations

The Merton Sai Centre celebrated Easwaramma Day on Sunday 4th May 2014. The stage in the main auditorium of the school was neatly decorated with Swami’s picture and Mother Easwaramma’s picture on either ides. Swami’s chair was placed right at the front of the hall facing the stage. All devotees, including parents and teachers, were seated in the hall while the children were getting ready backstage.

After months of preparation and practice, the SSE children sang bhajans and participated in short plays as an offering of their love to Swami. The afternoon began with an offering of six bhajans by the nursery groups. This was then followed by a play on the life and teachings of our beloved Bhagavan by Group I boys. The play depicted various incidents from Swami’s primary school days.

Next, the girls from Group I presented a play on Hanuman, the messenger. They illustrated the strength of Hanuman’s devotion and love for Lord Rama, highlighting his one-pointed determination.

The girls of Groups II and III followed with a play, which was previously presented in the Divine presence at Prashanti Nilayam. Entitled, ‘Good work is God’s work’, the play narrated the story of two young alumni of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute whose good work was transformed into God’s work despite the girls undergoing many trials and tribulations.

The final presentation was offered by the boys of Groups II and III. The play entitled, ‘Maya to Master”, recounted the life of Mother Easwaramma describing her journey from being under the spell of maya, seeing Swami as her little son, to realising the Master and reaching the ultimate goal.

The day commemorating and celebrating the life of the Divine Mother was concluded with the offering of Mangala Arati and prasadam.

Saiesha - Merton Youth