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Love and Light

Region 7 - Seva in Bath

One of the Seva offerings of the Sathya Sai Centre of Bath, is the collecting of items for the local Food Bank. All over the country the Sai Organisation has been involved in this work in the spirit of Love All Serve All.

The Bath centre, has been participating in this much needed service activity for a few years now.

The Bath Food Bank, is run by the Genesis Trust. Devotees bring their loving offerings to our monthly satsang. The food items collected are then delivered on behalf of the group to the local food bank, which is always grateful for the contribution.

All activities undertaken, are motivated by the life and teachings of our Beloved Swami. This month, we reminded ourselves that service should be undertaken with a spirit of sacrifice, as then only is it worthy as an offering to our Lord, who we see in all whom we serve. And there is prasadam too, the Joy that comes with being able to serve.

Written by Mr. Patrick Shaw