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Region 7 - The benefits of Likhita Nama Japam

In preparation for our Gurupoornima celebrations this year, the children of our SSE class, focused our attention on how we can show Swami our gratitude for all that He has done for us. After some discussion, we all admitted to watching too much television and spending time on our iPad’s and game consoles. With the help of our teachers we researched what Swami says about watching too much television.

“Television sets are installed in every room of the houses of the rich. From the moment television made its appearance the mind of man has been polluted”. - Baba

Swami also warns that the violence and behaviour shown on some programmes have harmful effects on our minds, and our own behaviours. Based on this, we decided to stop watching TV, and focus our minds on putting one of Swami’s teachings into practice. Swami has reminded us on many occasions that remembering His name is of great benefit to us. For 3 weeks, my SSE brothers and sisters, parents and even the teachers, stopped watching TV, playing on our ipads and used that time to engage in Likhita Nama Japam – writing and repeating the name of the Lord. We were given the Likhita Nama Japam books to write ‘Om Sri Sai Ram’ as many times as we could everyday.

“Likhita Nama Japam is an easy way to bring union of the two hearts, the heart of the Sadhaka and the heart of Bhagawan” said Swami

Finally at our Regional Gurupoornima celebration, the class did a short drama on the effects that television has on our minds. In the drama, we showed how the children in a family were influenced by what they saw on TV. Advertisements make us greedy for more and more things, which we don’t always need. Violent acts can result in us copying them.

Thanks to Swami, we spent more time thinking about Him instead of wasting our time watching TV programmes. At the beginning of this exercise we thought we would find it difficult to follow. However, we actually found that we were much happier and each week we excitedly went to SSE to talk about our progress. On Guru Poornima we came together and each of us offered a completed Likhita Nama Japam book at Swami’s feet.

These are some of the benefits that we have experienced:
1. All of us felt much happier and calmer watching less TV.
2. Once we started writing our Likhita Nama Japam, TV, computer games and iPads seemed to attract us less.
3. We felt that our concentration improved therefore benefitting our school work.
4. The whole family spent time writing together and this kept everyone happy at home.
5. Looking at our Likhita Nama Japam books we realised that even our hand writing has improved from start to finish. In fact one our SSE brothers in my class, won an award for ‘Best Handwriting’ at school. He was sure the practice had helped him.

Even now we have continued to make the effort to continue this practice and would recommend that all SSE children from around the country try it.

Swami says: “Before the advent of TV, men’s minds were not as polluted .Acts of violence was not so rampant previously. People watch TV even while eating. The result is all foul things seen on TV are consumed by the viewer .The scenes, thoughts, actions displayed on the TV set fill the minds of the viewer. Unknowingly agitation and ill feelings enter our minds. In due course they take root and grow in our minds. Hence people should avoid watching TV while eating”

Ananda Sai Pillay
SSE Group 1 Year 3
Region 7