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Region 5 - Regional Retreat: SSE Report

Despite the retreat only being a few days long it was filled with Swami’s messages and quotes which will stay with all the SSE children throughout the whole year. Through one of the SSE workshops which was based on Nature, my friends and I had a chance to think about and appreciate what nature does for us every day – especially the trees, the sun and the rain. We went on a walk and discussed all about how the retreat’s topic ‘i am I’ ‘One with Sai’ ‘Make it Happen’ could be related to nature. All of us SSE children were able to see how beautiful the world really is when it is filled with nature. My friends and I then had lots and lots of fun going on treasure hunt filled with clues that made us all think. On each of the clues there was a quote of Swami’s which we had to complete. This meant that not only was our knowledge about the retreat campus tested but also our spiritual knowledge. We had lots of fun and after all the fun we settled down for a small bhajan antakshari. After all this we were staring and so we went to the dining room to eat some well-deserved lunch.

After lunch we sang some bhajans while two of the SSE children were able to back us up with instruments. This was really enjoyable as we all felt refreshed after singing. We then coloured some pictures of animals as best as we could which turned out to be really fun. In the next SSE workshop we decided that we should present something to the adults to show them what we had done. Our main idea was a small bhajan medley. Although we only managed to figure out a rough idea on Saturday we decided that if we worked hard on Sunday morning then it could be possible. After all that hard work we were more than ready for dinner.

On Sunday morning we got together to rehearse the medley and in the end it was decided that my friend and I would sing while the boys played the tabla and dhol. The younger children would present their artwork to the parents as a summary of what we had done on the Saturday. When the time came for us to present we felt nervous and excited but it turned out brilliantly and we even managed to impress all the adults! It turned that the SSE at the retreat great fun.

The SSE workshops were all taught by different members of the Sai family which mostly included youth but of course there were some Aunties and Uncles who helped out at times. This meant that we were never bored and were able to meet many new people. Throughout the 2 days I learnt so many different yet valuable lessons that will stay with through the whole year and the Sai Retreat 2014 will stay dear to my heart for many years to come.

Ms Priyanka Ram,
SSE, Aberdeen