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Region 5 - Guru Poornima Celebrations

Saturday 12th July 2014

“Man should make effort to visualise Unity in diversity and thereby attain Divinity. Only through Unity, Purity and Divinity can one experience bliss. You can never attain bliss if you do not give up the feeling of diversity and cultivate the spirit of Unity. People should recognise the intimate and inseparable relationship that exists between Unity, Purity and Divinity.”

This year’s Gurupoornimaa celebrations were truly unique, and I honestly felt unity, purity and divinity present throughout the whole day.

The reason why I felt this was because this Sathsang was different. The entire region 5 family came together to celebrate Gurupoornimaa and every centre across the region fully participated in the event. The theme of the Sathsang was “The Nine Forms of Devotion”, and every centre was given a different form of devotion for which they were to present an item. This resulted in a variety of presentations from SSE skits, role plays to classical vocal perfomances and narration of personal experiences with Swami. All of which enabled the creative talent across the region able to shine.

Each individual performance beautifully demonstrated each form of devotion, and re-inforced the theme of “becoming One with Sai” that has been running throughout the year. The hard work and effort that went into in each performance was evident in the quality of each item, thus demonstrating the focuss and purity of vision that permeated the Sai family across region 5.

The united way in which the whole day was carried out enabled Swami’s presence to be truly felt. From the catering of food to the technical set up, everyone had one focus in mind; Swami, thus creating a thoroughly blissful experience.

Hannah Mistry
Region 5