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Region 2 - Pinner Sai Centre Guru Poornima Celebrations

On the 13th of July 2014, Pinner Sai Centre hosted a divine celebration for Guru Poornima. Guru Poornima is a day filled with thanks for our loving teachers which our Lord Sai inspired us to do.

We started with the Vedam and then led on to the ksama prathna. We then performed a warm up exercise of srgm and akar to prepare us for the bhajan singing. This was followed by some awesome bhajans based on Guru which also included manase bhajore guru charanam which is the first bhajan Baba taught. The group bhajans Shiva maheshvara and veera hanumana were truly vibrational. Next was a presentation based on Babas childhood called ‘The Wise child’. This was about how Baba as our guru taught us that ‘’there is no religion greater than love in this world’’ followed by Guru – the last resort from chinakatta which was about how a guru leads us unto the path of liberation and saves us from fear and anxiety. The age range of children was 5 – 16 years.

This was a very helpful event because we have learnt how important it is to love and respect our gurus and we have learnt how lucky we are to have had Lord Sai on this planet to teach us and celebrate all the important events.

Thank you to all the gurus who have helped us do this event and helped us all through our lifetime.

Hiral Makecha
Pinner Sai Centre R2