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Sai Spiritual Education the Pathway to Excellence

I would like to share my experience as a parent about my children attending Bal Vikas classes (Sai Spiritual Education) here in Walthamstow Sai Centre.

From my childhood, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Swami through my family and I wished that my children should experience the same. My children have attended Bal Vikas classes since 2008 and it is visible to me that these classes have had a positive influence in their lives.

One of the main things that I wished that my children would learn from attending Bal Vikas were essential life skills, such as being able to discriminate between the good and the bad in life. I also hoped that Bal Vikas would lay a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.

When we first started attending Bal Vikas my children were very impatient, especially in bhajans, as they weren’t used to sitting in one place for that period of time! But, as time went by, they became more accustomed to this and began to enjoy bhajans. At the beginning my children were quite shy, but now I see them engaging in different activities at the centre and have seen them grow in confidence. I believe that Bal Vikas has brought them out of their shells by pushing them out of their comfort zones.

The impact of Bal Vikas on my children has been huge; it has taught them discipline, self-control and respect for others. They are much calmer and patient and this has had a positive influence on them and in the home. I believe that what my children have learnt in Bal Vikas has helped tend their spiritual needs and has helped in moulding their character. One of the main teachings I feel that they have taken into their lives is the 5 human values. After observing them over time, I notice that my children have earnestly tried to implement these values in their lives. Also, I have found them to be less stressed and maintain better concentration. As a parent, you are pleased when they become involved in activities both in school and in Bal Vikas.

What all parents want is that which is best for their children. I personally feel that Bal Vikas has had a positive influence on their lives and has provided them with a steady platform from which they can excel. I pray that Swami continues to guide them always and keep them on this path.

Mrs Iswary Kirubakaran

The following speech was given by a parent of two SSE students at a recent end of year achievements ceremony held at Walthamstow Sai Centre, Region 3.