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Region 1 - Age Link Party at Tooting

On Sunday 22nd June, Tooting Sai Centre had the pleasure of hosting the AgeLink Party for the elderly people in the local area. This is an Annual event hosted by the Centre where about 25 elderly people are invited to the Centre and are entertained . As usual, a whole raft of preparatory arrangements needed to be in place starting from a few weeks prior to the event. The food menu had to be catered for, the arrangements for volunteers to collect and drop off the elderly guests and the entertainment programme that the children from the Centre would be doing were all planned for meticulously.

The great thing about such a programme is that it brings a whole range of age groups together. After all there are not many such events where anyone from the age of 6 years to 80+ can participate and have fun. The entertainment began on time and performances by the SSE children included playing on the Violin, Flute, Guitar, Keyboard, Dholak and Clarinet. The talents displayed along with their confident performances left the elderly guests extremely happy , and the love that they got during the programme was overwhelming.

Alongside this, there was more opportunity for the elderly to sing along with old favourite songs from the 1960s and 70s, and also to participate in a quiz and play the ever popular Bingo games. Some of the SSE children were paired up with the elderly guests and helped them with their quiz answers and playing the Bingo. There was also an ever ready flow of tea, biscuits , cake , food, smiles, chatter and love! The compering done by Ronibhai from Brixton Centre was hugely appreciated as was his ready wit and easy going charm that made the guests feel special.

Words cannot express that overwhelming feeling of love and unity one gets from being part of such an event. AgeLink gives us all an opportunity to spend some time with the elderly, talk to them and make them laugh. We all forget how lonely lives some of them lead and some of them do not see anyone apart from their carers for weeks on end. They eagerly look forward to these events and always leave with a smile on their faces with prizes and gifts to take home. In return, the SSE children are given an opportunity to render service at such a tender age. One can only smile at Swamis leelas, for the same SSE children when they grow up will have no hestiation to render service to the wider Community as they will see this as being natural to them.

The joy and appreciation from the guests touched us and reminded us of Swamis saying, "Service springs out of love, and it scatters love in profusion.

Jitesh Patel
Tooting Sai Centre