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Region 2 - Harrow West Sai Centre at Hare Krishna Organic Farm

Harrow West Sai Centre has been attending the Hare Krishna Temple’s Organic farm for the last four years on the third Sunday of every month.

Adults, youth and children eagerly participate in this service. It’s an excellent opportunity for us to get together as a family and also to mingle with the staff & volunteers on the farm, where jointly we get a lot of work done. One can witness how this is undertaken with so much love and dedication.

The farm is run on the principle of “Organic produce”. Everything is done using basic tools and no pesticides are used. We even get the opportunity to witness bulls being used to plough the fields. The farm work is in operation from the month of February to late October. We get involved in various activities. In February, the seeding is done and this is a delicate process. With proper guidance from the farm manager and fellow volunteering staff, we as a group including the children get the process going. Different varieties of herb & vegetable seeds are potted and neatly put away in the green house to grow. Once seeds sprout, in the coming weeks on our visits we then participate in taking the plants out of the pots and re-planting them in the green house or field as appropriate.

During our visits we also take part in various other tasks. One of the main and challenging jobs is weeding. As an organic approach is applied, all weeding is done manually. Getting vast areas of land weeded and trying to protect the crops can be quite demanding. Keeping slugs and other animals such as foxes and rabbits out of the farm can be challenging. Watering the crops is also another important task, which we do during dry periods.

Natural fertilizer is produced in the farm with cow dung and straw. We assist in collecting this and spreading it for the plants. Children find this amusing, though it gives them an opportunity to appreciate how nature works! During the course of the year we also get involved in harvesting fresh coriander, methi leaves, spinach etc. Once harvested, everything is neatly put into bunches and taken to the temple. In the late spring/ summer months children have a lot of fun when we get involved in harvesting produce such as tomatoes, pumpkins, marrow, cabbage & potatoes.

At the end of the service, which is from 10:00 am to 13:00 pm, Krishna’s feast awaits us. The food is prepared in the temple kitchen and kindly transported to the farm. After a few of hours of hard labour, we are all hungry. Delicious hot food is served by the volunteers with a lot of love. We normally sit in the barn area and have the meal. If the weather is good, then there are benches outside the barn where we can sit and eat admiring nature!

We thank Swami for giving us all this opportunity to serve Mother Earth in our own little way. This seva reminds us to appreciate and respect the food we consume. There is so much work and effort that goes in by the farmers to produce the end products we see in the supermarkets. Especially for our children, the farm visits give an insight into all the hard work that goes towards producing our food and makes them aware and appreciate the food cycle.

Skandha Kanagasabai
Service Co-ordinator