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Region 4 - Tapovanam Reading

Spending the day reading the Tapovanam on Saturday the 14th of June was a very rewarding and divine opportunity. The programme started with a Paduka puja in the morning, followed by Suprabhatam and the reading. Once the story of Bhagawan ended, one bhajan was sung, after which the Aarti was offered.

Participating in that programme was a blessing, but why?
First of all what is the importance of the Paduka puja? By doing this puja, you venerate the Divine Lotus Feet of the Lord. “For the sake of His devotees the formless Guru takes the form in Padukas. Guru lives in the Padukas”

If you have faith in the Guru’s feet If you have deep feeling for the Guru’s feet, If you imbibe the state of the Guru,Then you don’t have to look for God. God will come looking for you- Bhakta Tukaram

About the reading of the Tapovanam: this book is a gem, as it relates personal experiences, details of Bhagawan’s life, His leelas, His teachings, in a short and concise manner. Reading His story also reminded us how lucky we are to have been in contact, in whatever form, with an avatar. Do we realise it enough? We know it, but do we realise it deep inside ourself? This Divine incarnation of Swami was very powerful, and He came as a Purna Avatar. He declared that He was the embodiment of all the Divinities: Sarvadevata Swarupa. In His story, we can read that Swami showed immense compassion towards everyone and everything

His life in his human body has been spent in selfless service. Our life should be inspired from His Divine life on Earth.
All the selfless and Pure Love that He has given us, we should share it and live only by it. When the Tapovanam was being read out, we could feel the depth and divinity of Swami’s life

When reading it, it should not be done merely to accomplish it in one day and feel happy that we have done a good action. We should actually understand its importance and take inspiration from it and implement it in our own life. We know lots of things, but do we actually make that step to incorporate them in our practical life?

Bhavin and Marine
Narborough Sai Youth