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Region 1 - Brixton Sai Centre Fundays: Days of Fun with Older People

June 2014 saw the members of Brixton Sai Centre come together once again to laugh, play and sing with residents at three locations: Aashna House in Streatham, a residential care home for older Asian adults; and Truscott House and Freeman Court, two sheltered accommodation schemes in the borough of Croydon. Two members, one elder and one young adult, give their perspectives on these “Fundays” below.

Aashna House: 1 June 2014

Aashna House is the only Asian residential care home in Streatham, London, accommodating about 40 residents. Brixton Sai Centre holds group devotional singing there on the first Sunday of each month. So, as per usual, our annual Fun Day started with group devotional singing for half an hour followed by aaratee.

Afterwards was the game of pass-the-parcel. Each parcel layer contained either a small prize or a “forfeit” such as “tell a joke” or “sing a song”. It was really good fun: some of their jokes were hilarious and some of the songs were fantastic. Some residents even got up and started dancing garbhaa as their forfeit!

The next item had our Centre members singing Hindi songs from some old films that are still popular up till now. The residents really enjoyed the songs and some of them even joined in.

The programme concluded with some snacks being served and small gifts given to all the residents.

It was very nice to see the residents enjoying themselves and socialising with our members.

Jugdish Injore
Truscott House and Freeman Court: 7 and 14 June 2014

To act is a natural process for an individual. Some actions are obligatory, some for enjoyment and others with purpose and meaning. God does not need your service, but serving his Creation, especially the old and those in need, is a divine act.

For some years, Funday has been a regular activity organised by Brixton Sai Centre, and I have enjoyed it immensely. Annually, the Centre’s members, both adults and children, work together to create a truly memorable day for the residents. The day includes serving a variety of food, prepared and served with loving care by Centre members, and organising games and entertainment. The main aim is an enjoyable, out-of-the-normal day for the residents, as well as for the organisers. Entertainment includes performances from the children such as piano playing; and singing where the residents join in and enjoy.

The residents take part in many games including “Play Your Cards Right,” bingo, pass-the-parcel and a quiz. The overwhelming smiles and gratitude from the residents show how worthwhile the day is. The day also emphasises to the younger SSE students the importance and significance of service, allowing them to be a part of the service wing and work alongside older members of the centre.

Service to humanity is service to God.
Ruchika Rupchandani