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Region 1 - Young Adults Programme: Service to Man...

The youth of Region 1 congregate on a monthly basis to have a spiritual satsang inviting all youth from centres within the region to attend. The underlying theme for YAP this year in the UK is focused around Swami’s 9 Point Code of Conduct. In Region 1, each Centre rotate to host a YAP session. Bromley Sai Centre were given the topic…. "Participation in community service and other programmes of the Organisation" to host on20th June. Thinking outside the spiritual box, Bromley youth decided to host a practical activity for YAP where "hands that serve..." were put in to action straight away.

Swami, in many discourses has always reiterated that we as his children should serve our local community, serving all as if we are serving God. Many youth take part in many service activities within the organization and on their own accord. Acts of kindness are all considered as service, some youth give blood on a regular basis, others volunteer within this organization to help the running of Scout groups, or to ensure that service projects such as the Food Bank are maintained and are sustainable.

For this YAP, many ideas were drafted, where finally we felt that serving the local community would be the most appropriate and enjoyable for our topic. The youth in the Region teamed together to make sandwiches for Merton Action for Single Homeless (MASH) under Homeless UK. This organization helps house young single adults from the age of 16- 21 on a temporary basis giving them the support and tools to help find a more permanent solution to their housing needs.

With a handful of strong willed youth, cheese, pickle, jam and peanut butter, 6 trays of hearty sandwiches were made within an hour and half. Spreading Swami’s Love, 3 Gayatri mantras, 3 Sai Gaytris followed by devotional singing were recited throughout the YAP session until the last sandwich was made.

This YAP session energized the youth and a buzz was felt by all s we felt that this mall act of kindness helped us to spiritually grow and also help the community.

With Sai Love,

Gobika Mohandas
Bromley Sai Centre, Region 1