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UK National Pilgrimage 2014 Sai Samarpanam One with Sai

2nd Sadhana Meeting

The second Sadhana meeting was held on Saturday 14th June at Oxhey Wood Primary School, Watford. Pilgrims from various parts of UK gathered together in the spirit of oneness to participate in the sadhana activities as part of their preparation towards the pilgrimage to the abode of peace, the most holy of the holiest places from where our Master, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba launched His Divine Mission and gave solace to millions from around the globe.

The meeting commenced with the resonating sound of the three Aums and melody of the devotional songs. Dr Kiran Patel, National Chair, welcomed the pilgrims and recapped the importance that Bhagawan had placed in our preparations to have the maximum benefit. Dr Veeru Rao, National Vice Chair, covered some of the activities listed below:

Likhitha Nama Japam (Writting the Lord’s name)
Study of 2 Vahinis - Sathya Sai Vahini and Bhagavata Vahini - (the Vahinies were written by Swami)
Learn Chants - Sathya Sai Ashtottharam (108 names of our Lord Sai)
Suprabhatham, Nirvana Shatakam , Sri Rudram.
Ceiling on Desires - to offer group service activities whilst on the Pilgrimage.

We were all asked on the progress of our Sadhana. It was pleasing to note that most of the pilgrims were making progress in Sadhana activities. We then split into two groups, gents and ladies to participate in a study circle on chapters 2 and chapter 3 of the Bhagavata Vahini respectively. Lot of us hadn’t read the Bhagavata Vahini. As we read and assimilated paragraph after paragraph, our eagerness and enthusiasm to continue the reading grew. At the end of the chapter, we had to present a short summary of what we had deliberated on the subject. Likewise the ladies also reflected on the content that they were meant to look at. We could not wait to read the subsequent chapters and complete the book before our next Sadhana meeting.

I recommend everyone to read the Bhagavata Vahini. You will not forget the joy of that experience.

We were then treated to a sumptuous lunch lovingly prepared by our Sai devotees. Whilst eating, a video of our beloved Bhagawan was played ensuring no time for idle chit chat!

A few of us then shared our own experiences and how we were drawn to Swami and His Divine Mission. It was humbling to note how Swami had touched the lives of so many of us.

As the day was drawing to a close, a few questions and answers were exchanged. The meeting ended with a short bhajan and Arthi was offered to Swami. We departed, inspired by His stories and the company of the wonderful and loving devotees that we had interacted with on the day.

Yoges Yogendran, Chair, Region 1