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Region 2 - London West Sai Centre: Youth Day

I was informed by Vishal, our Youth Coordinator, that all youth would be doing everything at the centre on Sunday 18th May 2014. This would give the adults a well deserved break. He had also arranged for Brother Shyam, National youth coordinator, to join us and give a talk about his experiences with Swami.

All youth turned up early on the day and helped set up the centre and Altar:

At around 9:45am all youth sat down for Bhajan practice.

We started bhajans at 10:15am and everyone enjoyed all the bhajans that were sang by the centre youth. Brother Shyam also joined in:

After the Bhajans, brother Shyam took to the stage for his talk.

The Talk by Brother Shyam

As brother Shyam was growing up he started to question himself about Swami. He would think to himself why everyone around him had some sort of experience with Swami and he did not.

Brother Shyam was an SSE teacher but then forgot his priorities and stepped away from the SSE classes when he started University. He then led a typical University life style which included being a DJ in the clubs and working behind the bar in the Student Union. However, after completing his studies he got back to the SSE classes and was offered the role as Youth Coordinator.

Brother Shyam also spoke about his first time experience with Swami. It took place in Prashanthi and he always wanted a ring from Swami. On the third day he would ask himself why he was there.

Swami came out and took everyone’s letter but walked past brother Shyam. He was very upset that Swami did not take his letter and walked straight past him. All Brother Shyam wanted Swami to do was acknowledge him.

Swami then comes out for the second time and again walks straight past Brother Shyam. This time brother Shyam said in his head to Swami, “if you are really God, then you will take this letter from me!” In that instance, Swami turned around, walked towards brother Shyam and took his letter.

About six months ago brother Shyam was on the train on his way home from work. He could not help noticing a woman sitting opposite him that looked exactly like Swami. There was something divine about this woman. She then got off the same stop as brother Shyam carrying a lot of luggage, so brother Shyam helped her with the load and took her to the nearest Taxi office. He then said goodbye. This woman’s reply was “Goodbye, Sai Ram”

Brother Shyam seems to think that this woman was Swami in Human Form and he was very happy and emotional with this experience.

It was a very inspiring and uplifting talk and brother Shyam finished off with the words:

"Follow the master, face the devil"
"Fight to the end and finish the game"
"Life is a challenge so meet it"

I then did the announcements for the day:

Brother Bala Ram finished up by reading out the Thought for the Day:

It was a very well organised day by the youth and we are hoping to do this more often.

Jai Sai Ram
Pawan Harish