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Love and Light

Region 3 - Youth Narayana Seva

"Serve Man, Serve God" is a quote often referred to when carrying out any service activity within the Sai Organisation. The mere meaning behind this saying is so beautiful that it leads us to truly appreciate the latent divinity within others. It reminds us that, we are not just the physical body but, we are embodiments of the Lord himself. With this in mind, service activities should be undertaken with the same attitude, love and devotion one would express when serving God.

The youth of Region 3 have been putting this into practice through a Narayana Seva Project, involving the preparation and the distribution of lunch/snack bags to the homeless in the Strand area of London. The most recent event took place in the morning of Sunday 1st June, where 7 youth distributed 70 bags along with fresh tea and coffee. The mutual feeling of love, gratitude and kindness dawned upon us all as the morning went on.

Ultimately, this project gives an opportunity to exercise selfless service as well as seeing the divinity within others. After all when we serve a fellow man, we are indeed serving God.

Jai Sai Ram
Region 3 Youth Team