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Region 3 - Regional Spiritual Event Hosted by Milton Keynes Sai Centre

On 10th May 2014, members of our Region 3 Sai family came together for a beautiful, heart-warming and divine day full of learning and inspiration. The event, hosted by Milton Keynes Sai Centre, included stimulating, interactive discussions, led by the respected Reverend Leonora Van Gils, exploring the ideas of spirituality, Swami’s teachings and healing through song, word and action. With melodic bhajans, stories and guided meditations, it was a truly enriching and affirming day.

The day commenced with Vedic chants and Ganesha Bhajans, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere and setting the scene for the rest of the day. Then Sister Leonora began her first talk, entitled ‘How to keep Swami in our Lives’. Sister Leonora told us tales of her encounters with our beloved Sai Baba, and described us as all as ‘unsharpened pencils’ before Swami’s teachings sharpen us. We then discussed the different ways each of us remember Swami in our day to day busy, hectic lives and how we can keep connected to Him. Here is a list as a reminder:

  1. Talking to Swami in conversation everyday
  2. Surrendering all thoughts – shoot the arrow of your worries up to HIM and He will take care of it
  3. Listening to bhajans (Radio Sai)
  4. Visualisation exercise: look at yourself in the mirror every morning and picture Swami entering you so YOU and HE become ONE
  5. Never give up LOVE. It helps you to come back stronger
  6. Reading His teachings and messages
  7. Recognising His omnipresence
  8. Service
  9. Remembering that Swami is in all of us so we are also God, we are no different from God
  10. Recognising that real happiness is Union with God
  11. Trying to detach. When we are attached, we cannot find happiness
  12. Reading Sai Inspirations from Radio Sai
  13. Listening to the experiences of Sai devotees on various websites
  14. Having Swami’s darshan first thing every morning by watching His DVD
  15. Reading His discourses. Listening to His Voice
  16. Morning and Night prayer
  17. Be in Nature: you can see God in everything
  18. Remembering Swami’s leelas
  19. Remembering Swami’s advice – whatever happens in your life...tell yourself “this is for my own good”.
  20. Always remembering that He will never let go of you...even if you let go of Him
  21. Remember that only God is permanent. Dedicate every action to Him
  22. Satsang: spending time with Sai devotees
  23. Look within. Everything you do...do it for HIM
  24. He is the sound in our hearts...
  25. Start by loving yourself. You are perfection in God’s eyes.
  26. Swami helps us through others. So help others too.
  27. A smile spreads love and costs nothing
  28. Regular meditation helps us to connect to God
  29. See God in everyone
  30. Always keep a sense of humour with everything...take it lightly
  31. Try tapping...to control fear and anxiety
  32. Remember Swami’s words...”None can love me, without my loving them”
  33. Six affirmations as soon as you wake:
    I am alive, live through me
    I am breathing, breathe through me
    I am thinking, think through me
    I am speaking, speak through me
    I am acting, act through me
    I am loving, love through me

All the thoughtful contributions to the discussion made for a lively and fulfilling morning session. Following a delicious lunch made and served by volunteers, the afternoon commenced with a short film about Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Watching Swami delivering beautiful darshan to His devotees with such love and kindness, touched our hearts.

The afternoon session took the form of a recollection as Sister Leonora described her many blessed encounters with Swami and her journey through the challenges of life. She shared with us key moments in her life where Swami’s guiding hand had shown her the way. Her honest reflections about the challenges of family life, relationships and the development of her work and practice inspired us all. With grace, humility, and a lot of humour, she provided practical examples and personal evidence of what staying connected to Swami means.

The day’s activities ended with a musical tribute to Swami, featuring a wonderful array of powerful, and moving bhajans that united everyone present and filled the hall with love. A truly inspirational and blessed day, enjoyed by all.

Shivani Sharma
Milton Keynes Sai Centre R3