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Region 1 - Young Adults Programme (YAP) May

Jai Sai Ram

The topic of May’s Young Adults Programme (Yap) in Region 1, was ‘Life is A Game, Play It- The game is easy, when we have the instruction’. The group started with attempting to put together a puzzle that after completion showed Swami’s inspirational message of ‘LOVE ALL SERVE ALL’.

The focus of the meeting was to plan for the Sports Day event, which would take place in July. As a group we had a thought provoking quote from Benjamin Franklin which was ‘BY FAILING TO PREPARE, YOU ARE PREPARING TO FAIL’. This was then linked to putting together a puzzle. The concept was that we would start by placing the corner stones, supporting the structure and filling the content. We then used this to decide how we would plan and execute a great and memorable sports day for our SSE children in our Region.

By placing the corner stones we looked at the purpose of the sports day, why it is important, how it help serve Swami’s Mission, how it helps self-transformation and also benefit others. At this point a heart-warming story was shared of Swami’s participation in small game of cricket. Of how He not only bowled a batsman out but also hit a 6 whilst batting with minimal effort. This was a story that was shared with our Regional Youth Coordinator on the UK Pilgrimage 2 years ago by an ardent devotee.

In terms of the supporting structure the group focused on engagement, communication, and planning the event; we brainstormed ideas focusing on how we could get as many children involved as possible. The group created a list of things to organise and put this into a timeline.

Finally the team of youths looked at filling the content. This is where it is important to ensure that the plan created is executed. It was important to make sure that the day would be success from the skills that the centres have at their disposal.

The YAP meeting ended with a quote from Dwight D. Eisenhower- ‘plans are useless, but planning is indispensable’

The important message from this yap would have to be the importance of having a plan. We realised that planning can be irrelevant as soon as it implemented as we never truly know how things are actually going to happen and Swami has often said “Love my uncertainty”. But the idea is that at least there is a plan in place if things do not pan out as expected.

Planning is a process and we need to understand and get used to it so that it comes as second nature. As youth, we are the future of our scared organisation and will be taking the lead, therefore getting involved in planning events is a great experience.

Jai Sai Ram

Sai Balakrishnan, Region1
Youth Coordinator, Bromley Sai Centre