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Region 2 - Buddha Jayanti Celebrations at London West Sai Centre

Region 2 London West Sai Centre celebrated Buddha Jayanti on Sunday 11th May.

Buddhist devotees set up a special altar with Lord Buddha's statue decorated with beautiful flowers and Tibetan sacred scarf lovingly draped around the statue of Lord Buddha.

Beautiful bhajans were sung with a lot of feelings. As the centre was packed with devotees on this occasion, everyone sang joyfully.
After the bhajans, one of the Buddhist devotees spoke on the Life and Teachings of Lord Buddha, the Enlightened One.

Special mention was made of the Lord's greatest teachings of THE FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS and the EIGHTFOLD PATHS also known as Middle Way.

It was a great day for every one. Prasadam was distributed for the occasion.

Mingma Tamang

With best wishes
Jai Sai Ram