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Sathya Sai National Human Values Day 2014: Reflections 2

My dad and I are Parsi Zoroastrians and we represented our religion at the National Human Values Day on 26th April. We gathered with other Region 1 devotees to get the coach, it felt like a family gathering where we all cheerfully interacted while sheltering from the rain and wind. We all sat on the coach and Yoges uncle, our Regional Chairperson, led the chanting of three Oms and the Gayatri mantra before starting our journey. When we reached Watford we were warmly welcomed by members of the organising committee, we had the opportunity to talk to various faith leaders and listen to some lovely stories from their faiths, the underlying message of brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God was evident in their willingness to understand the different ways in which all the faiths give the same message of service to God through love for all.

After some refreshments, we ‘guests’, who were representing the nine religions, were led in a procession by children of the SSE and were taken to the beautifully decorated stage. A huge photo of Swami and His chair adorned the stage; as each faith representative stood on the stage, we were each given a rose by two little girls. Each faith representative, then got up to do their prayer and give a short talk on the theme for the day which was ‘God is Love, Live in Love’ and how it relates to each religion. Each prayer was done so beautifully that the vibrations these prayers generated resounded throughout the hall and uplifted the atmosphere. Swami’s presence was felt by all in the hall! Each of the talks given by the faith representatives was fascinating and inspiring. As each one spoke you could feel that there is only one religion the religion of love which is the common thread in all religions. There is only one God and we all pray to Him.

My dad, Mr. Noshir Bacha, beautifully recited the Zoroastrian prayers called Ardibesht Yasht Nirang and Vanant Yasht Nirang and I spoke on the main tenants of the Parsi Zoroastrian religion, viz Humata, Hukta and Harveshta (good thoughts, good words and good deeds). The way to Love God and Live in Love is to express it by steering the mind towards good thoughts which in turn naturally would be spoken by kind words and never hurting the feelings of others, never gossiping and always speaking the truth. In good deeds we love God by serving the society in which we live, which is not just by money but by helping others, giving our time and efforts towards the benefit of all our brothers and sisters, whoever they may be. When we do service activities in our Sai Centres it gives us the golden opportunity which should be grabbed with both hands, to help in whatever way we can, this can be with big projects or when we help at venues during the functions like Swami’s birthday etc. Every service we do is always noticed by God, no matter what our faith, and we are given the incredible opportunity to serve as a part of His organisation.

After keeping us enraptured with beautiful prayers and talks from the various faiths, we were treated to a spectacular music concert by the ‘Sai Bandhan Group’. While they played it felt like we were transported to a different level, we were so engrossed with the various instruments it really was heavenly. This was followed by an equally thrilling youth concert. We enjoyed Dr Ajit Popat’s talk, the jist of which said that we should make Swami proud of us by following His teachings and living the five human values everday.

I was also helping out in the background in the kitchen. Organising just this aspect of the function must have been a tremendous effort and it certainly was appreciated by all the guests. I was just astounded at seeing the number of food bags at the end of it all! Again it was wonderful to see how quickly, with so much love and discipline they were distributed to everyone in the hall. I always enjoy doing this particular service as we all worked together with a great team spirit which truly inculcates the five human values. The combination of hard work and good humour made the whole thing enjoyable.

Like everything, the superb Sathya Sai National Human Values Day had to come to an end in the evening, but we went back home with memories of another tremendous event: Refreshed, Recharged, and Joyous!

Ms. Tenaz Bacha
Tooting, UK