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Region 2 - Harrow West Sai Centre: Maha Samadhi Day Celebrations

On the 27th of April 2014, Harrow West Sai Centre had a special programme for our beloved Swami passing from the “Form, to the Formless”. It was truly an inspiring event to remember as the members of the Centre united as one to make this afternoon possible. The dedicated Centre members helped to set up the wonderful decorations and arrangements whilst the ever hard-working and diligent tech crew set up all the necessary equipment to ensure that the true power of the bhajans and chanting would be appreciated and that everything went smoothly.

The occasion was marked prominently by outstanding, heartfelt prayers from the devotees and the auspicious incantation of the Sri Sathya Sai Ashtottra Shata Namavali and the Sri Rudram; purifying and energizing the environment. The mellifluous chanting of the 108 names of the Lord was entrancing as the devotees had a chance to ask the Almighty to “Take all their troubles away”. Afterwards a short video was played of Baba singing “Govinda Krishna Jai’ and there was a session of Questions and Answers read by the SSE children. They spoke about frequently asked questions towards Baba and of the replies he gave, in which were instilled lessons on how to live our lives.

The programme was concluded with an inspiring speech from Uncle Vignesh, an ardent devotee of Swami’s. He spoke passionately and the Centre was hushed as every member was hooked by his words. He regaled stories of his past experiences in Malaysia and spoke of how we should have our thoughts, words and actions aligned. He also explained beautifully, “All is not what it seems”. Penultimately, a touching video was shown depicting the incredible work of the Sathya Sai Organization and the work they had done to provide clean drinking water free of charge to many people living in remote villages and living in poverty. Everyone was truly inspired and a few tears were indeed shed.

At the end, the dedicated devotees were treated to the anticipated Mahaprasadam. The atmosphere was lively and friendly with many people in attendance. Many, many thanks go out to everyone who helped and the Active Harrow West members, who took the time and effort to make this event possible. A humble and loving thank you to Swami, for guiding us and making all of this possible.

Sohum Panda
SSE student – G3Y2