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National Easwaramma Day Celebrations

3rd May 2014

“Walk with Sai – and be One” was the theme of our 3rd National Easwaramma Day Celebrations, held in Hatfield on 3rd May 2014. From the minute one entered the venue the presence of our Dearest Lord could be felt; He walked alongside us through the day and we all took Him home with us at its end.

National Easwaramma Day has become a programme eagerly awaited by Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) pupils and their families from across the United Kingdom; their enthusiastic participation this year was no different. The programme brought together SSE pupils, their families and SSE Alumni in a spirit of Unity, as we commemorated the life of Mother Easwaramma, the chosen mother of our Lord.

Through the loving offerings of prayer, music, song, drama, dance and talks, children and adults alike, expressed sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Bhagawan and honoured the Ideal that Mother Easwaramma exemplified: Her selflessness, humility, devotion and love for Swami.

The bustling excitement and charged atmosphere of the auditorium was quickly focused on the centre aisle of the hall, as the words to the song “Truth needs a Hero” began, and signaled the start of a very colourful procession of children. It was immediately evident that each region had made a lot of effort to present the 5 Human values (Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Non Violence) by dressing children in costume, representing different faiths, each holding posters and messages, bearing teachings of different religions.



The wonderful energy created by the procession was built upon by the audience and children responding to the song “Love is My Form” in Bhagwan’s Divine Voice that reverberated in the Hall. Next, we were uplifted by the Vedic chants led by the SSE pupils, followed by the recitation of multifaith prayers by another group of SSE children. A traditional Indian dance concluded a most enchanting and vibrant opening ceremony.

Vedic Chanting by SSE children

Invocation Dance by SSE children from Region 5

The SSE pupils rose to their feet and pledged, in unison, to uphold the values and teachings of Bhagawan Baba, and to practice them in daily life.

Students taking their pledge to Swami

Mrs. Vidyulatha Narayan (National SSE Cordinator) welcomed the children and families to this sacred and auspicious occasion and shared her thoughts on the benefits of the SSE programme in developing young men and women of virtuous character. She then introduced the first guest speaker, Dr. Nishith Patel.

Nishith, a Cardiothoracic Surgery Registrar from London, and recent recipient of a PhD for research in Cardiothoracic Surgery, is an alumnus of the SSE Programme in UK. He very beautifully shared his experience of being a SSE pupil and the profound impact that the SSE programme had had on his life. In particular, he spoke of the relationships he developed with other like-minded children in his neighbourhood, and nationally through the SSE Rallies that used to be an annual event. Most of all however, he expressed his gratitude to his parents and SSE teachers who steered him towards the one relationship that he cherished most of all – his Relationship with Swami.

Dr Nishith Patel

Nishith used his personal experiences with Swami, to illustrate the importance of developing and nurturing a relationship with Bhagawan. He advised all the SSE pupils present to have full faith that Bhagawan is always there to guard and guide them and to take Him with them wherever they may go.

Whilst the SSE pupils left the main auditorium to participate in an exciting array of activities, that included art and crafts, value-based games, workshops, an interactive exhibition on the life and teachings of Swami, drama and song, the adults remained to hear our Chief guest, Prof. Nanjundiah, who joined the programme via Skype. Prof Nanjundiah, the former Controller of Examinations, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, shared some of his personal and very intimate encounters with Bhagawan. We were most grateful to Prof. Nanjundiah for taking the time to talk to us.

Following a well appreciated lunch of pizza, ice creams and other favourite foods, excited feet re-entered the auditorium for a relaxing afternoon programme. The SSE alumni took to the stage, this time to offer a music concert, and again displayed with confidence and humility, the excellence that is fostered by the SSE programme.




We were treated to a wonderful and inspiring drama, presented by SSE pupils who enacted scenes from the early life of Swami and the journey made by Mother Easwaramma from doting mother to that of ardent devotee.

Region 1 Drama on Mother Eashwaramma’s Life

Region 1 Drama on Mother Eashwaramma’s Life

Youth musical offering

The programme drew to a close, with an awards presentation. Miss Urvashi Patel and Master Sukrith Kumar were presented with their awards for submitting the winning poster and poem in this year’s National Easwaramma Day Poster and Poem Event. Thereafter, all children were invited on stage to receive a certificate of participation and a souvenir mug, which had printed on it, the words:

“Do not walk in front of Me, I may not follow you.
Do not walk behind Me, I may not lead you.
Walk beside Me and be my friend” - Baba

Children receiving their certificates from Dr Kiran Patel (National Chair)

With uplifting and melodious bhajans led by the children, a very memorable day celebrating the life of Mother Easwaramma and filling everyone with immense happiness ended with everyone united as One to continue their “Walk with Sai”.

Jai Sai Ram

Dr Kumaresan Pillay
Chair, Region 7