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Region 1 - Volunteering at ‘The Passage’ for the Homeless

One of Bhagawan’s most recognizable quotes "Service to man is service to God" has been an inspiration to many.

On Friday 18th April 2014, Sai Youth from Region 1 volunteered and supported the homeless shelter, The Passage, to serve breakfast to the homeless people of London, Victoria.

The Passage runs London’s largest voluntary sector Day Centre for homeless and vulnerable people. Each day they help hundreds of men and women.

An eight-strong team of outreach workers make contact, often late at night or early in the morning, with those sleeping rough in Victoria as they are bedding down or getting up each day.

The mission statement of The Passage is "To provide homeless people with support to transform their own lives".

The day began with the Sai Youth Volunteers getting an introduction to The Passage and how the organization operated. One of the service volunteers explained, “Homelessness occurs due to many reasons, including, break-up of a marriage or relationship; the loss of a job, leading to the repossession of a home or inability to pay rent, or an addiction to drugs, alcohol or even gambling’.

The Passage has various schemes to help the homeless find their way. These include homelessness prevention projects, hospitality, assessment and advice, faith and community projects and much more.

Having being even more inspired to serve the people, the Sai Youth joined the other volunteers and each took a specific role in the morning’s activities. Posts included meal preparation, serving breakfast, washing up, working in the clothes store and setting up for the next service...lunch. The morning was an eye opening experience and made us cherish what we have and take for granted everyday.

Sai Vinothan Visakan