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Region 1 - Young Adults Programme

Why do we do what we do? What are the reasons for the actions we take? Do we understand the motives behind the goals that we pursue? These were the questions that were covered in April’s Young Adult Programme (YAP) in Region 1.

As ever with YAP, we started off with an ice breaker. Seeing as it was being held on Good Friday, it seemed appropriate that this involved finding pictures hidden around the room and answering the riddles in them to win chocolate prizes, just as one would expect on an Easter hunt. The riddles had us filling in Swami's quotes and, having fooled us with an easy one at first, our Regional Youth Coordinator, Saiganesh, made us pick our brains for the next few.

This YAP was entitled "Why" and focused on trying to understand the true reasons for why we undertake certain actions. We looked at a video that explained the golden circle in business. It pointed out how, in most organisations, everyone knows "what" they want to achieve and most understand "how" they try to reach their target. But only a few know "why" they want it.

On the other hand, the most successful businesses and people always start with the "why" and work backwards. This theory does not have to limited to businesses. It can also be applied to our personal lives. Most of us know "what" we want and, eventually, we can work out "how" to get it. But do we truly know "why" we want it?

Taking this question into mind, we discussed the reasons why we are part of the Sai Organisation, sharing our experiences and feelings. We also looked at the things Swami was able to achieve. He provided free education and drinking water to all who needed it. He managed to have not one, but two Super Speciality Hospitals built, providing the most advanced healthcare for free, when most thought it impossible.

How was he able to do all this? It is because he knew "why" He had to do it. Swami made a promise to his mother Easwaramma, near the end of her life, to provide all these necessities to the poor. It must be remembered, so close to Easwaramma day, that many of the projects the organisation takes part in started off as a promise between a son and His mother. 

To achieve any goal, we must know the motive why we pursue it. Each of us must look within ourselves and find the reasons behind our deeds. It is only when we know why we take action that we are able to reap the full benefits of it. Therefore, from now on, when you wake up each morning with an objective in mind, always contemplate why you want to achieve it. Start each task with a simple “why” before trying to find the “how”.

Raghav Viswanathan, Wimbledon Centre