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Region 3 – Food Distribution at the Strand

Since the commencement of the food distribution initiative towards the end of last year, the Region 3 Youth have been earnestly committed to the provision of lunch bags and hot beverages to the homeless people in Central London (Strand). Once again, the youth assembled on the morning of Sunday 6th of April 2014 for distribution. The collective effort of devotees across the region ensured that food items were supplied and carefully packed, culminating in 70 food bags, consisting of a sandwich, a piece of fruit, a carton of juice and an assortment of savoury snacks, as well as numerous flasks of tea and coffee.

Quite extraordinary was the cohesion of the youth across the Region under the umbrella of Seva. With the guidance of Brother Kapil, Region 3 Youth Coordinator, a modest group of 7 selflessly distributed the items, providing a nutritious lunch for a number of our homeless brothers and sisters. What was pertinent during this activity was how little an action on our part can benefit others. For example, the morning cup of tea or coffee which many of us enjoy and admittedly take for granted was greatly appreciated by those who were served, many of whom were able to find solace in the hot beverage, following a rough night. We were greatly humbled by the expression of gratitude from the recipients, who may have felt ostracised from society due to their unfortunate circumstances.

The group were joined by Kripa, an SSE Group 3 student, who had chosen this Seva activity for her SSE project. She was actively involved in both the preparation and distribution of the food items:

"The reason why I chose the Seva at Strand as my SSE Project was because it allowed me to gain confidence and provided me with the opportunity to serve not only those in need, but also myself.  I truly enjoyed the experience for it made me happy to see a smile on the people's faces and also made me realise just how fortunate I am to have been granted food, shelter and a family by Swami. I would definitely like to take part in the activity again and encourage other youths to join in, for it is a wonderful experience.” -Kripa, SSE Group 3

It was a fantastic morning and an uplifting experience for all, for which I would like to express my gratitude for the continued support across the region, ensuring that this initiative is able to prosper and for the opportunity that we have been fortunately given.

Sai Ram,
Region 3 Sai Youth