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Region 2 - London West Sai Centre Easwaramma Day Celebrations

Most auspicious sunny Sunday morning dawned at Sai Centre of London West with Easwaramma Day Celebrations celebrated all over the world as Children’s Day. All SSE children dressed in white, accompanied by enthusiastic parents, gurus and devotees gathered at the Sai centre at 10 am to celebrate The Chosen Mother’s Birthday.

Swami’s altar was beautifully decorated with Red and Gold background.
We had the Light meditation and the Ashtotram to start with. The children had put up a program for 15 minutes starting with Vedam Chanting. All the children sang “Love is my Form” and “God’s Love is so wonderful” songs which was their humble musical offering to Swami.

The songs were followed by the skit ‘Abu Ben Adam’, one of the favourite stories which our Swami narrates to HIS Students and devotees. The story portrays the path to tread for being loved by God.

Two group 2 boys rendered Swami’s message on Easwaramma -THE CROWN OF MOTHERHOOD. They shared how like Krishna, Swami was the eighth child of Mother Easwaramma and the turbulent times she went through before he took birth were akin to what Devaki experienced before Krishna graced her lap. They also mentioned the Three Selfless Desires of Easwaramma which was the boon for Mankind all over the world.

The boys beautifully explained the Eternal Bond of Love between Swami and HIS mother.

Melodious bhajans were sung by the SSE children accompanied by Keyboard and Thalam played by SSE children. The programme ended with arthi and sharing of few experiences by two children about the National Easwaramma Day celebrations that was held at Hatfield on Saturday 3rd May 2014.

Jai Sai Ram.